The condition of low-paid immigrant workers is far from present in the USA. These workerssuffer from direct and indirect discrimination that affect them and their life. Sometimes workers are subjected to inhumane working conditions; they are overworked and underpaid. Most of the times the low paid immigrant workers are victims of racial discrimination as well. To eradicate this situation and to provide them with a voice and platform, Worker’s Justice Project, a Brooklyn-based organization was set up in 2010. This organization aims to train the workers and ensure positive change in the work environment, where they will not be discriminated against.


Objective of the Worker’s Justice Project

The main objective of the Worker’s Justice Project is to ensure safe and dignified working conditions for low-paid immigrant workers. Their goal is to change the harsh conditions that often lead to exploitation. Workers who are part of the organizationare provided with vocational training to strengthen the base of the labour movement and to create relevant economic alternatives. The organization aims to achieve these goals through developing organizing skill among labours, advocacy, education and training, proper expression, and by working hand in hand with allies who believe in their objectives.

Changes brought

Worker’s Justice Project believes that organizing is the most effective and constructive way to bring about change. This organization brings together low paid workers across age, gender, race and industry and help them organize in a way that would help them recognise and voice out their concerns when it comes to harsh working conditions and discrimination at the workplace. Worker’s Justice Project helps to organise campaigns that help them project their concern and achieve positive change that is necessary for any workplace.

This organization understands how important it is for the low paid immigrant workers to possess leadership skills. This would not only help the individual to advocate for oneself, but for the entire community as well. Proper training is also provided to the workers to find suitable economic alternatives that would prevent from unemployment and also help them sustain themselves and their families.


Main Concerns

Worker’s Justice Project or WJP also understands the importance of safety at work among other things. The organizationaims to build a fair, democratic and proper workplace for all workers who have the right to lead a proper and dignified life for themselves and for their families, regardless of their race, immigration, nationality, age or another status. Worker’s Justice Project works closely with low-wage workers to go after unprincipled employers through advocacy and direct organizing. Worker’s Justice Project properly engages affected workers and help to recover their wage by legal methods and organization. The organization aims to empower workers so that they can advocate for themselves through the complete unpaid wage recovery course.

WJP till now had resolveda number of cases through street organizing at required site or through the direct organizing of low-wage workers who labour in the factory, childcare, cleaning, construction, landscaping and food service who were not paid the deserved or legal minimum wage, overtime or denied their payment for their work. Worker’s Justice Project is truly inspirational and promises to help the low paid immigrant workers against any kind of discrimination and injustice at work.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.