Why Conversion is So Important to Your Online Marketing Efforts

Though some see content marketing as a trend, it’s here to stay. If you’re an online marketer, you already know that social media, downloadable content, and blogging are great ways to build brand awareness and bring visitors to your site. Here, you’ll learn about the steps that come after that.

What’s a Conversion?

If you’re thinking of reach and traffic without considering conversion, you’re missing a crucial component of a successful marketing plan. The conversion is where things start to happen; it’s the point in the buyer journey where you’ll start building a real relationship. Traditionally, conversions are created when visitors fill out opt-in forms. Until that point, you have no real way to tell who’s interested in your PLR products for free (and who isn’t).

How to Convert Visitors Into Leads

You’ll use great free article PLR to get visitors’ attention and turn them into hot leads. Follow these standards:

  • Create an offer. It could be an eBook, a report, or an infographic, as long as it offers something your prospective customers will value. Why is that so important? You’re trading the private label rights content for their email addresses, so it has to be good.
  • Create a compelling CTA (call to action). These usually come in the form of a slide-in banner, a pop-up, or a “click here” button.
  • Once they’ve submitted the form, be sure to use a thank-you page to show your gratitude.

With this simple formula, you’ll get more people interested in the content you’re selling in your PLR store, and you’ll end up making more sales.

Measuring Conversion Rates

Here’s the simple part. To measure conversion rates, all you’ll have to do is to take the monthly number of leads and divide it by the number of monthly visitors to your journal planner plr. For instance, if 5000 people visited your niche site and 500 filled out the contact form, you’d have a 10% conversion rate. As you’re tracking this metric, you’ll have a better idea of how well your forms, CTAs, and content are working. If your rate’s not increasing, re-evaluate your best PLR strategy.

When Visitors Convert

Now that you’ve turned site visitors into leads, it’s clear that they want to learn more about your white label business coaching programs. When a prospect gives you his or her email address, they’re giving you the go-ahead to communicate with them directly. An easy follow-up method is to create an automated email campaign. Alternatively, you can add those prospects to a list offering special offers, targeted info, and updates on PLR ebooks.

Without Conversion, Content Marketing Just Won’t Work for You

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this internet marketing guide. Keep in mind, you can write dozens of blog posts and post on Facebook 20 times a day, but unless that effort is turning into leads, it’s not worth your time or money. Start monitoring your conversion rate now! And, keep coming back for more great IM tips, tricks, and strategies.it wherever you need to go.