The Worker’s Justice Project or (WJP) is a workercenter and is based in Brooklyn. This organization addresses the economic and racial injustice that daily immigrantlabourers, as well as, domestic workers face in the USA. It functions as a collective power and creates solutions to the numerousproblems that members experience at their work or in the communities where they reside.The main objective of WJP is to empower and help the immigrant workers who sustain on low-wage to advocate for themselves in their workplace and build economically sustainable and strong communities through organizing, leadership development, education and economic alternatives.


Aim of the Worker’s Justice Project

Worker’s Justice Project believes in positive change and aims to implement them so that the conditions of the workers improve for the better.  It helps low-wage workers across gender, race and industry to organize and achieve socioeconomic justice.  This organization helps in building a diverse and democratic movement of low-wage workers as well. It helps workers to organise campaigns that would help them achieve collective and positive action for methodical change. It also aims torecognize and developing leadership as well as organization skills among workers so that they can back themselves and their community.

Awareness created by the Worker’s Justice Project

One of the major problems faced by workers is unemployment and exploitation. Worker’s Justice Project helps in creating economic substitutes as ananswer to unemployment and exploitation. It aims at changing the harsh conditions that are the reasons for exploitation, to toughen the base of the immigrant labour movement and to seek economic alternatives that would help the workers look for themselves and their family. This organization seeks to achieve this by adopting a creative outlook and working in an alliance with associates and partners that support the common objectives.

Main focus of Worker’s Justice Project

Worker’s Justice Project focuses on Leadership development as it is an important aspect of the goal. This empowers low-wage who has been left out from the crucial decision-making processes that directly affect their lives. The educational models of Worker’s Justice Project aim to give workers a platform, where they can develop strategies, identify justice issues, and think about different ways to tackle those issues at the workplace. It also determines and helps to recognize the priorities and agendas that need to be addressed.


Leadership Development by Worker’s Justice Project is achieved by giving intensive trainingto workers that focuses on analyzing the main cause of social inequality of the community and then create substitute solutions based on the requirement and necessities. Workers are also provided with vocational training that includes necessary education as well as community organizing skill building that aim to polish their skill set and enhance their leadership qualities. The leadership skills among workers are developed by creating a democratic and participatory structure where workers who are specifically affected by injustice at the workplace are leading directly and organizing important campaign through crucial decisions.

Numerous campaigns are also organized by Worker’s Justice Project by daily labour workforce initiative. This would help workers to work in a better environment with a proper wage. The Worker’s Justice Project strive to achieve this where there is almost nil to no exploitation of low-paid workers in the USA.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.