Worker’s Justice Project in a very short span of time has gained a lot of recognition for their work and enthusiasm that has been put for the betterment of the condition of the women’s financial stability in the United States. This project has stood up to every kind of ill behaviour and ill treatment pursued by any kind of organizations and fought back keeping their integrity and self-respect intact and secured. Their main ideal and concern have always been the betterment of women’s careers. They have taken forward several steps for ensuring their ideals’ success, be it through campaigns and rallies or even just protests.


Small gradual steps:

Nothing ever happens overnight and the same has happened with this project as well. Worker’s Justice Project since their very beginning have taken gradual steps into making a better place for women surrounding their workplace and have even stood up to people with ill behaviour.

Some of their pivotal achievements and upliftments since their primary days are:

  • A historic win:

The day that Worker’s Justice Project won the city investment for several day labourers and the different worker cooperatives was ones of the most important one that left behind an impact on the society and transfixed their place and increased their goodwill. This historic win ensured and validated the day labourer centres as community institutions and also made sure to construct buildings like that of the democratic workplace.

  • Providing training:

They also provided a 10 hour long construction training regarding the safety measures that needs to be ensured to 450 female construction workers in OSHA. This step was mainly possible with the collaboration with the WJP’s Safety Liaisons who provided all the training and also kept a close eye and monitored the specific actions in order to minimize any fatal injury and casualty.

  • Providing jobs:

Till this date, this project has enlisted more than 600 construction jobs that has come to aid for a lot of women struggling with paying and maintaining their family. Each and every procedure of hiring passes through strict hiring guidelines that are ensued by WJP’s Bay Parkway Community Job Centre and pays a decent wage to help support families and feed their stomach.


  • Worker-community:

Another major step taken up the Worker’s Justice Project is the organization of several campaigns that tend to focus on issues that encircle around the setting of new work standards and thereby improving the working environment and even in reshaping the workplaces.

  • Justice through protests:

A non-violent and non harming way of protests is yet another way through which the worker’s who are engaged with the project voice their opinions and seek the justice that they are devoid of. Through this project, several workers have received the respect and the designation that they have lacked the past years. The project also ensures to make women independent and help them prepare themselves in such a way that they are not affected by any kind of storm that hits their lives in the near future.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

Worker’s Justice Project is one of the well-thought idea and an even better manifested act that has brought back every worker’s dignity and respect and has fought every possible exploitations, racism and patriarchy. This project has mainly been administered to make the workers validate their existence in their respective workplace and be vocal about anything that seems to offend their dignity. This project is mainly for the women empowerment and has been very widely accepted and successful throughout.


The ideals of the Worker’s Justice Project are very much valid and should always be kept into account. Some of the main ideals of the project are:


  • To ensure a just economy:

The main criteria that a worker depends on are the wage or the salary that they are paid at the end of the month. The project tends to secure that sector of a person’s job if the worker is getting anything less than what they signed up for. The project also focuses on making the women employees self-dependent so that if situations arise that they need to abandon their workplace, they can do that with keeping their self-respect intact. They focus on ensuring the supporters a better job, a better treatment and an even better life for their respective families.

  • A safety culture:

Through the aid of this project, New Labor and WJP women leaders have taken their responsibilities to ensure a safe working area in the construction and house cleaning industry by becoming safety liaisons and also by ensuing positive campaigns that are hosted by the project on several occasions.

  • Fighting for their self-respect and dignity:

The project has always kept women’s respect and dignity as their priority and has always encouraged women to be more vocal for their rights and to never let themselves down. They have further motivated women to be more courageous and determined about humanizing their labour and to fight for their basic protection and rights that surround their workplace.


Different rallies and marches:

Worker’s Justice Project is not just a void enthusiasm but definitely a work of action because they definitely hold different rallies and marches in protests of any ill behaviour that has been showcased towards any workers or even any sort of other unwanted behavioural happenings. Not just that, rallies even held in order to stand their ground when it comes to the protests.

Launching worker community:

The project within its very short launch has already started organizing several campaigns in order to discuss prospects for bettering the working environment of the female labourers and even set new standards that mainly focuses on the betterment.’

Creating new jobs:

Worker’s Justice Project has managed to pave a way for more than 600 good construction jobs that has been very much helpful for several women seeking jobs in order to support their family. Every single hiring is done after proper interviews are taken that have been specifically administered by the workers at the WJP’s Bay Parkway Community Job Centre.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

Every single worker in this world needs to be treated with respect and never looked down upon because the better a person is with their workers; the better is the production and the outcome. But this is sometimes a distant memory in some people’s minds that tend to mistreat their workers and even the workers never rebel back. But with the Worker’s Justice Project, a part of this has been up-regulated and being taken towards a better path because a lot of women workers have received the recognition back in work that they were losing grip on.


Educating the workers:

For the preservation of self-respect and dignity and for grasping the best from the work, it is always advised to be well aware of each happenstance and each of the rules that come along with working in that place. Worker’s Justice Project mainly focuses on “educating” their members about all the important things that the worker needs to keep in mind in order to outlaw any kind of mistreatment.

  • Self-dependence:

One of the very first things that is highlighted and taught about is to be self-dependant, be it any sector of work so that it helps them in the long run. Self-dependence is one of the major important things that are widely neglected because every woman tends to stay loose and carefree about their job.

  • Being more vocal:

The next most important thing that is focused on is the capability of the labourers in being more vocal about issues that they might not agree with. Being mime just because it is your workplace is one of the worst things that gives the higher authority the audacity to talk their employees down, has to be changed. This specific project is doing a very good job in administering the workers’ self-esteem and confidence which is thereby helping them stand their ground and fight for their rights and wishes.

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  • Training and Jobs:

And it just doesn’t stop at the character building. The steps including the education of the worker’s associated with the project have been very carefully structured and several types of job openings are being made. Like, since the very beginning, the Worker’s Justice Project has been working very hard in order to create 600+ jobs in the construction sector and also include processes hiring and have made sure to pay a wage in order to support families that have been in need of the support. They also provide a 10 hour long training regarding the safety measures that needs to be taken in any construction work site in order to avoid any sorts of the fatal accident that may cause injury or even casualty.

Since the very beginning, Worker’s Justice Project has aimed to ensure providing a secure and safe work place to all the women all over the United States. They have even achieved a great amount of success with their detailed and structured plans aimed for the betterment of all the labourers.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

Discrimination is proposing to treat or treating someone in an unfavourable manner because of prejudice or a personal characteristic of that individual. Discrimination of immigrant and low paid workers are not unknown in the USA.The working-class community that includes a large population of migrant workers faces direct discrimination on a daily basis in their workplace. This usually happens when people who do not belong to the minority communities make unfair assumptions about people with specific personal characteristics or traitslike race, age, gender or nationality can and cannot do. A common example of this would be refusing to employ an individual on the basis of their gender because they believe that the individual represents a weaker gender and cannot learn new skills.


Whyis discrimination caused?

Workers face indirect discrimination at work place as well. This usually occurs when an irrationalworking condition is imposed on a person or a group of individual that would prove to be disadvantageous for them. Indirect discrimination occurs when a particular workplace policy, behaviour or practise appears to treat workers in a way that isunfair anddetrimentalfor them. For example, a requirement for the employees to work 13-hour shifts may seem to treat all workers equally. However, it may prove to be a disadvantage for the employees with familiesand other responsibilities. If the requirement that is implemented by the company is not reasonable or sensible, then it is indirect discrimination.

Race Discrimination, a major factor

Race discrimination is another major problem faced by immigrant workers. It means discrimination against an individual in the workplace because of their assumed or actual race. Race includes descent, nationality, colour, ancestry or ethnic background or any other characteristics associated with a specific race. Many a time workers are discriminated against based on these factors. This kind of discrimination many forms,  like treating workers with low respect owing to their race or skin colour, low wage or even refusing to employ.

Other discriminations

Workers and daily labours face other forms of discrimination and exploitation as well. They are discriminated against at times based on their assumed or actual age.Workers who belong to the older age group or younger age bracket are discriminatedagainst. This means, assumption or stereotyping against older workers or young people and believing that they are too old or young to learn new things and implement them while working. It might also include not interviewing someone because they are too old or too young to work withthe existing staff, not employing young or mature workers assuming they would seek a new job or retire soon or not providing necessary training opportunities.


Immigrant workers aresubjected to exploitation as well. This occurs owing to unreasonable working hours and minimum pay. The consequence of this is workers leaving the job or complying with it.These kinds of discriminations are extremely common and immigrant workers are mostly subjected to it. Those with low English fluency faces discrimination as well, resulting is extremely low pay.Immigrant workers frequently face exploitation and these common discrimination by their employers as well as public officials.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

Every good project’s reach and expertise are tested upon by its outcomes and results. Worker’s Justice has been very successful since its very first day of launch and has been proudly claiming their ongoing success rate which is one of the very reason that the number of member’s in the group has very much increased since the initial days.


Some of the achievements till date:

Since the very beginning, Worker’s Justice Project has been working along with several female labourers in providing them with the boost of confidence to stand up to the higher authorities at work when they sense all mistreatment towards them. They have been standing next to their members to help them reclaim their self-respect and dignity. Their first preference has always been to provide the assurance to their members that they are not alone in this journey.

Some of the major achievements of the project till date are:

  • Building democratic workplaces:

One of the major breakthroughs of this project was achieved when they won a historic city investment for the different labour centres and several worker cooperatives. This win ensured a making the different labour centres as community institutions and also paved the way for making democratic areas of work in the society.

  • Production of new jobs:

Till date, this project has successfully produced around 600 construction jobs and the count is still going on. The procedure of hiring is based off on the rules and regulations formulated by the WJP’s Bay Parkway Community Job Centre and the decided wages for the jobs are pretty decent which has been yet another positive criterion for this entire ordeal.

  • Training:

They have also successfully provided training to more than 400 construction site workers regarding the safety precautions that are required to keep in mind to avoid fatal injuries and casualties. This training has successfullydownsized the amount of accidents in the construction sites in the United States and all the credit goes to this project.


  • March to reclaim stolen wages:

This march that took place on November 18, 2015 witnessed an accumulation of around 150 community members coming together for standing up against the wage theft and even the exploitative worker practices. The rally brought a positive impact and brought together a lot of people fighting for the same thing. The power of the unity was felt from every corner and their collaboration with several other organizations just uplifted the entire act to a whole new level, making the protest yet stronger.

  • Funding from the city council:

Another great achievement was bagging the historical investment by several day labourers in New York City for the upgradation and expansion of the several labour centres. The Worker’s Justice Project’s main motto has always been to work for equal and just rights for all the workers all over the United States. One of the most important factors to know that the project is proceeding on the right path is noting the increasing number of members with each passing day.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

Worker’s Justice Project is a Brooklyn-based organization and was founded in 2010 to acknowledge and addresses the economic and injustice that low-wage immigrant workers commonly face by building a movement or force that would help themovercome economic, racial, and workplace discrimination and bring institutional change. The main mission of the organization is to empower immigrant workers who are poorly paid. This, in turn, helps them become economically sustainable communities. This is not done in one day and is methodically planned out. The organization aims to achieve this through education, leadership development, organizing and seeking grassroots economic alternatives.


Main areas of concerns

Worker’s Justice Project recognizes the main areas of concern and aims to eradicate them. This would ensure better working conditions for the low-wage immigrant workers and help them sustain themselves. It is unlawful to discriminate a worker based on religion, gender, race or national original. However, rules are not adhered to everywhere, and the low-wage immigrant workers suffer from exploitation and poor working conditions. Worker’s Justice Project recognizes these issues and gives these workers a platform to fight against such discriminations.

Things to eradicate the bad effects

This institution focuses on each area of concern and addresses them based on their priority. Worker’s Justice Project considers that organizing is the most operative way to bring about change in the workplace. The organization helps low-wage workers across gender, race and industry come together and strengthen the right to unite and achieve socioeconomic justice. They also help to organize a democratic movement of low-wage workers. They plan to achieve this by involving low-wage workers organize campaigns that would help them achieve collective and positive action for a profound and systemic change. Worker’s Justice Project also believes that it is necessary to have leadership and organization skills to stand up for oneself and the community. The organization trains and educate individual with modern methods for them to develop these skills. This also provides workers with different and suitable economic alternatives, which is a direct reply to unemployment and exploitative labour.


Boosting leadership

Leadership development is another area of concern for Worker’s Justice Project. The organization believes that building leadership skills would not only to empower the low-wage workers, but would help them in the decision-making processes that directly or indirectly influence their work and community. Proper training is provided todevelop leadership skills and allow the individual to recognise the main areas of concern.

Worker’s Justice Project understands the current conditions of the immigrant low-paid workers in the USA and the workplace injustice that most suffer from day to day basis. The organization strives to build a workplace that is free from any kind of discrimination.They desire to build a democratic workplace where workers can pursue their job with dignity and respect, and sustain their families irrespective of their age, gender, nationality and race.  Safety is another area of concern that Worker’s Justice Project takes into consideration, therefore aims to make the workplace safe for immigrant low-paid workers with stronger laws and the right to organise and protest with being afraid of retaliation.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

The condition of low-paid immigrant workers is far from present in the USA. These workerssuffer from direct and indirect discrimination that affect them and their life. Sometimes workers are subjected to inhumane working conditions; they are overworked and underpaid. Most of the times the low paid immigrant workers are victims of racial discrimination as well. To eradicate this situation and to provide them with a voice and platform, Worker’s Justice Project, a Brooklyn-based organization was set up in 2010. This organization aims to train the workers and ensure positive change in the work environment, where they will not be discriminated against.


Objective of the Worker’s Justice Project

The main objective of the Worker’s Justice Project is to ensure safe and dignified working conditions for low-paid immigrant workers. Their goal is to change the harsh conditions that often lead to exploitation. Workers who are part of the organizationare provided with vocational training to strengthen the base of the labour movement and to create relevant economic alternatives. The organization aims to achieve these goals through developing organizing skill among labours, advocacy, education and training, proper expression, and by working hand in hand with allies who believe in their objectives.

Changes brought

Worker’s Justice Project believes that organizing is the most effective and constructive way to bring about change. This organization brings together low paid workers across age, gender, race and industry and help them organize in a way that would help them recognise and voice out their concerns when it comes to harsh working conditions and discrimination at the workplace. Worker’s Justice Project helps to organise campaigns that help them project their concern and achieve positive change that is necessary for any workplace.

This organization understands how important it is for the low paid immigrant workers to possess leadership skills. This would not only help the individual to advocate for oneself, but for the entire community as well. Proper training is also provided to the workers to find suitable economic alternatives that would prevent from unemployment and also help them sustain themselves and their families.


Main Concerns

Worker’s Justice Project or WJP also understands the importance of safety at work among other things. The organizationaims to build a fair, democratic and proper workplace for all workers who have the right to lead a proper and dignified life for themselves and for their families, regardless of their race, immigration, nationality, age or another status. Worker’s Justice Project works closely with low-wage workers to go after unprincipled employers through advocacy and direct organizing. Worker’s Justice Project properly engages affected workers and help to recover their wage by legal methods and organization. The organization aims to empower workers so that they can advocate for themselves through the complete unpaid wage recovery course.

WJP till now had resolveda number of cases through street organizing at required site or through the direct organizing of low-wage workers who labour in the factory, childcare, cleaning, construction, landscaping and food service who were not paid the deserved or legal minimum wage, overtime or denied their payment for their work. Worker’s Justice Project is truly inspirational and promises to help the low paid immigrant workers against any kind of discrimination and injustice at work.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

The Worker’s Justice Project or (WJP) is a workercenter and is based in Brooklyn. This organization addresses the economic and racial injustice that daily immigrantlabourers, as well as, domestic workers face in the USA. It functions as a collective power and creates solutions to the numerousproblems that members experience at their work or in the communities where they reside.The main objective of WJP is to empower and help the immigrant workers who sustain on low-wage to advocate for themselves in their workplace and build economically sustainable and strong communities through organizing, leadership development, education and economic alternatives.


Aim of the Worker’s Justice Project

Worker’s Justice Project believes in positive change and aims to implement them so that the conditions of the workers improve for the better.  It helps low-wage workers across gender, race and industry to organize and achieve socioeconomic justice.  This organization helps in building a diverse and democratic movement of low-wage workers as well. It helps workers to organise campaigns that would help them achieve collective and positive action for methodical change. It also aims torecognize and developing leadership as well as organization skills among workers so that they can back themselves and their community.

Awareness created by the Worker’s Justice Project

One of the major problems faced by workers is unemployment and exploitation. Worker’s Justice Project helps in creating economic substitutes as ananswer to unemployment and exploitation. It aims at changing the harsh conditions that are the reasons for exploitation, to toughen the base of the immigrant labour movement and to seek economic alternatives that would help the workers look for themselves and their family. This organization seeks to achieve this by adopting a creative outlook and working in an alliance with associates and partners that support the common objectives.

Main focus of Worker’s Justice Project

Worker’s Justice Project focuses on Leadership development as it is an important aspect of the goal. This empowers low-wage who has been left out from the crucial decision-making processes that directly affect their lives. The educational models of Worker’s Justice Project aim to give workers a platform, where they can develop strategies, identify justice issues, and think about different ways to tackle those issues at the workplace. It also determines and helps to recognize the priorities and agendas that need to be addressed.


Leadership Development by Worker’s Justice Project is achieved by giving intensive trainingto workers that focuses on analyzing the main cause of social inequality of the community and then create substitute solutions based on the requirement and necessities. Workers are also provided with vocational training that includes necessary education as well as community organizing skill building that aim to polish their skill set and enhance their leadership qualities. The leadership skills among workers are developed by creating a democratic and participatory structure where workers who are specifically affected by injustice at the workplace are leading directly and organizing important campaign through crucial decisions.

Numerous campaigns are also organized by Worker’s Justice Project by daily labour workforce initiative. This would help workers to work in a better environment with a proper wage. The Worker’s Justice Project strive to achieve this where there is almost nil to no exploitation of low-paid workers in the USA.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.