Every good project’s reach and expertise are tested upon by its outcomes and results. Worker’s Justice has been very successful since its very first day of launch and has been proudly claiming their ongoing success rate which is one of the very reason that the number of member’s in the group has very much increased since the initial days.


Some of the achievements till date:

Since the very beginning, Worker’s Justice Project has been working along with several female labourers in providing them with the boost of confidence to stand up to the higher authorities at work when they sense all mistreatment towards them. They have been standing next to their members to help them reclaim their self-respect and dignity. Their first preference has always been to provide the assurance to their members that they are not alone in this journey.

Some of the major achievements of the project till date are:

  • Building democratic workplaces:

One of the major breakthroughs of this project was achieved when they won a historic city investment for the different labour centres and several worker cooperatives. This win ensured a making the different labour centres as community institutions and also paved the way for making democratic areas of work in the society.

  • Production of new jobs:

Till date, this project has successfully produced around 600 construction jobs and the count is still going on. The procedure of hiring is based off on the rules and regulations formulated by the WJP’s Bay Parkway Community Job Centre and the decided wages for the jobs are pretty decent which has been yet another positive criterion for this entire ordeal.

  • Training:

They have also successfully provided training to more than 400 construction site workers regarding the safety precautions that are required to keep in mind to avoid fatal injuries and casualties. This training has successfullydownsized the amount of accidents in the construction sites in the United States and all the credit goes to this project.


  • March to reclaim stolen wages:

This march that took place on November 18, 2015 witnessed an accumulation of around 150 community members coming together for standing up against the wage theft and even the exploitative worker practices. The rally brought a positive impact and brought together a lot of people fighting for the same thing. The power of the unity was felt from every corner and their collaboration with several other organizations just uplifted the entire act to a whole new level, making the protest yet stronger.

  • Funding from the city council:

Another great achievement was bagging the historical investment by several day labourers in New York City for the upgradation and expansion of the several labour centres. The Worker’s Justice Project’s main motto has always been to work for equal and just rights for all the workers all over the United States. One of the most important factors to know that the project is proceeding on the right path is noting the increasing number of members with each passing day.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

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