Every single worker in this world needs to be treated with respect and never looked down upon because the better a person is with their workers; the better is the production and the outcome. But this is sometimes a distant memory in some people’s minds that tend to mistreat their workers and even the workers never rebel back. But with the Worker’s Justice Project, a part of this has been up-regulated and being taken towards a better path because a lot of women workers have received the recognition back in work that they were losing grip on.


Educating the workers:

For the preservation of self-respect and dignity and for grasping the best from the work, it is always advised to be well aware of each happenstance and each of the rules that come along with working in that place. Worker’s Justice Project mainly focuses on “educating” their members about all the important things that the worker needs to keep in mind in order to outlaw any kind of mistreatment.

  • Self-dependence:

One of the very first things that is highlighted and taught about is to be self-dependant, be it any sector of work so that it helps them in the long run. Self-dependence is one of the major important things that are widely neglected because every woman tends to stay loose and carefree about their job.

  • Being more vocal:

The next most important thing that is focused on is the capability of the labourers in being more vocal about issues that they might not agree with. Being mime just because it is your workplace is one of the worst things that gives the higher authority the audacity to talk their employees down, has to be changed. This specific project is doing a very good job in administering the workers’ self-esteem and confidence which is thereby helping them stand their ground and fight for their rights and wishes.

Photo from the episode "Secret Shopper"

  • Training and Jobs:

And it just doesn’t stop at the character building. The steps including the education of the worker’s associated with the project have been very carefully structured and several types of job openings are being made. Like, since the very beginning, the Worker’s Justice Project has been working very hard in order to create 600+ jobs in the construction sector and also include processes hiring and have made sure to pay a wage in order to support families that have been in need of the support. They also provide a 10 hour long training regarding the safety measures that needs to be taken in any construction work site in order to avoid any sorts of the fatal accident that may cause injury or even casualty.

Since the very beginning, Worker’s Justice Project has aimed to ensure providing a secure and safe work place to all the women all over the United States. They have even achieved a great amount of success with their detailed and structured plans aimed for the betterment of all the labourers.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.