Worker’s Justice Project is one of the well-thought idea and an even better manifested act that has brought back every worker’s dignity and respect and has fought every possible exploitations, racism and patriarchy. This project has mainly been administered to make the workers validate their existence in their respective workplace and be vocal about anything that seems to offend their dignity. This project is mainly for the women empowerment and has been very widely accepted and successful throughout.


The ideals of the Worker’s Justice Project are very much valid and should always be kept into account. Some of the main ideals of the project are:


  • To ensure a just economy:

The main criteria that a worker depends on are the wage or the salary that they are paid at the end of the month. The project tends to secure that sector of a person’s job if the worker is getting anything less than what they signed up for. The project also focuses on making the women employees self-dependent so that if situations arise that they need to abandon their workplace, they can do that with keeping their self-respect intact. They focus on ensuring the supporters a better job, a better treatment and an even better life for their respective families.

  • A safety culture:

Through the aid of this project, New Labor and WJP women leaders have taken their responsibilities to ensure a safe working area in the construction and house cleaning industry by becoming safety liaisons and also by ensuing positive campaigns that are hosted by the project on several occasions.

  • Fighting for their self-respect and dignity:

The project has always kept women’s respect and dignity as their priority and has always encouraged women to be more vocal for their rights and to never let themselves down. They have further motivated women to be more courageous and determined about humanizing their labour and to fight for their basic protection and rights that surround their workplace.


Different rallies and marches:

Worker’s Justice Project is not just a void enthusiasm but definitely a work of action because they definitely hold different rallies and marches in protests of any ill behaviour that has been showcased towards any workers or even any sort of other unwanted behavioural happenings. Not just that, rallies even held in order to stand their ground when it comes to the protests.

Launching worker community:

The project within its very short launch has already started organizing several campaigns in order to discuss prospects for bettering the working environment of the female labourers and even set new standards that mainly focuses on the betterment.’

Creating new jobs:

Worker’s Justice Project has managed to pave a way for more than 600 good construction jobs that has been very much helpful for several women seeking jobs in order to support their family. Every single hiring is done after proper interviews are taken that have been specifically administered by the workers at the WJP’s Bay Parkway Community Job Centre.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.