Worker’s Justice Project in a very short span of time has gained a lot of recognition for their work and enthusiasm that has been put for the betterment of the condition of the women’s financial stability in the United States. This project has stood up to every kind of ill behaviour and ill treatment pursued by any kind of organizations and fought back keeping their integrity and self-respect intact and secured. Their main ideal and concern have always been the betterment of women’s careers. They have taken forward several steps for ensuring their ideals’ success, be it through campaigns and rallies or even just protests.


Small gradual steps:

Nothing ever happens overnight and the same has happened with this project as well. Worker’s Justice Project since their very beginning have taken gradual steps into making a better place for women surrounding their workplace and have even stood up to people with ill behaviour.

Some of their pivotal achievements and upliftments since their primary days are:

  • A historic win:

The day that Worker’s Justice Project won the city investment for several day labourers and the different worker cooperatives was ones of the most important one that left behind an impact on the society and transfixed their place and increased their goodwill. This historic win ensured and validated the day labourer centres as community institutions and also made sure to construct buildings like that of the democratic workplace.

  • Providing training:

They also provided a 10 hour long construction training regarding the safety measures that needs to be ensured to 450 female construction workers in OSHA. This step was mainly possible with the collaboration with the WJP’s Safety Liaisons who provided all the training and also kept a close eye and monitored the specific actions in order to minimize any fatal injury and casualty.

  • Providing jobs:

Till this date, this project has enlisted more than 600 construction jobs that has come to aid for a lot of women struggling with paying and maintaining their family. Each and every procedure of hiring passes through strict hiring guidelines that are ensued by WJP’s Bay Parkway Community Job Centre and pays a decent wage to help support families and feed their stomach.


  • Worker-community:

Another major step taken up the Worker’s Justice Project is the organization of several campaigns that tend to focus on issues that encircle around the setting of new work standards and thereby improving the working environment and even in reshaping the workplaces.

  • Justice through protests:

A non-violent and non harming way of protests is yet another way through which the worker’s who are engaged with the project voice their opinions and seek the justice that they are devoid of. Through this project, several workers have received the respect and the designation that they have lacked the past years. The project also ensures to make women independent and help them prepare themselves in such a way that they are not affected by any kind of storm that hits their lives in the near future.

Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do.

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