Hey there! Justice needs to be voiced if not given and declared properly. You cannot cry that you are given justice if you don’t speak for it or raise voice against this. And, this is exactly what numerous organizations are trying to do. They are trying to motivate the employee to raise their voice if they are not given any kind of justice especially in terms of wages. You deserve far better and are not even receiving the money that you deserve; your work is equal to 5$ an hour but you only are getting 1$ and that too with a lot of insistence. You should never whine if you are not able to speak for it. Anyways, the organization working for this cause are also aiming to change the conditions that allow the employees to be exploited in any matter and one biggest and greatest example of such organization is ’Worker’s Justice Project’ as of now.


The people especially the employee need to know their rights and the things that they can demand from their employers. Also, they need to know that the time has gone when there was a discrimination between wages of white and black; and as of now there does not exist a thing like that so they must stand up for themselves and for their rights. Apart from this, they also need to know that there rights are guaranteed and there are so many organizations and companies that are working for the same purpose; they are slowly and gradually changing the mindset of our people and making them accept that all people are same and they really need to receive what they deserve in true terms. As for why it occurred that I developed interest in speaking for this is that there are so many people, I once witnessed when I had a chance to visit a really underdeveloped area, who get almost nothing for working hard day and night. This kind of felt a pain in heart; this really is not the way to get things done but I can do nothing on my behalf until or unless the victims are strong enough to speak for themselves and that will only happen if they are guaranteed that yes, there are people who care for you and who know that you deserve better. Likewise, if they will standup they won’t be left alone and would be supported fully until there rights are guaranteed.

This particular site is a dedication for labor rights and the workers justice project working in collaboration with the idea. My content will put an emphasis on the rights of labors, what they actually deserve, what has been changed for the rights of labors in past few years and how they have evolved. Also the fact that how the employee are discriminated in either racial way or economic ways will be explained in this site. In short, anything that can somehow be related to the workers and their rights, and the organizations that are working for this cause and how they are aiming to achieve the desired results, will be made part of this site. So, you have to stay updated if you respect justice and want to know about how people are not given justice and also how can they be given justice.